Orem Boulevard Condominiums

Archive of all news entries, in case you missed one.

News 2021-12-06

Our Annual Condo Meeting will be held Thursday 20 Jan 2022 at 18:00. It will be available via Zoom and in person. In person, it will be in the basement of Evolution Community Management (241 W 520 N, Orem, UT); please email for the Zoom link ahead of time.

News 2021-05-09

The site has been updated with some local information for new residents.

News 2021-02-08

As a reminder, per section 10.5 of the CC&Rs, it is not appropriate to post signs (except a small "for sale" sign in the window) in the community.

News 2020-12-07

Please be aware that physical leashes are required for all animals (dogs, cats, etc) outside your residence. Electronic leashes are not acceptable. See Section IV.5 of the Community Rules and Regulations.

This week we will be power washing the buildings. Please pay attention to any notices on your door.

The broken stair in building I has been reported. We've run out of spare stairs and have ordered 10 new ones, and will replace it as soon as they arrive.

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